jaminns-iceJam Inns Ice Delivery is the South Wests largest ice supplier delivering to events, festivals, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, weddings, private parties, airports & large commercial contracts for retailers & supermarkets in the South West of the UK.

Based in Bristol we cover a 50 miles radius of Bristol City Centre. Our core business is supplying bagged ice in 10kg bags. We have a minimum drop of 4x 10kg bags & can supply a daily capacity of 10 tonnes per day.

Our full product range can be viewed on our ‘product & pricing’ page. We also supply block ice, standard bar blocks, 10″ monster ice blocks, 2″ ice cubes, custom size cubes. To view see our product page.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a garden party at home in the summer with a small group of friends or a supermarket chain with daily multi-site drops on 1 tonne pallets we are the number 1 supplier & wholesaler of ice in Bristol.

** AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND: Don’t leave it too late to order. Our booking system is a live 24/7 system. Once the slots are gone, that’s it.


** WEDDING VENUE ADVICE: We recommend ALL wedding venues that cater for food & beverage for weddings on Saturday’s buy 1 or 2 large chest freezers specifically for ice. Pictured below is one of our clients 410ltr chest freezers, this fits 19 large bags in.

Most weddings order between 10 – 40 of our 10kg bags. Ordering ice to turn up just before guests arrive for a wedding on a Saturday is a risk. The roads can be busy & the day is stressful enough. Many of the wedding venues outside of Bristol in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Wiltshire & Somerset the delivery charges can be high so make it simple, get two giant 400 – 500ltr chest freezers & get a bi-weekly or monthly ice delivery mid-week from us.

  • No need to run out of ice!
  • No need for a fridge van to greet wedding guests!
  • Avoid ordering ice on the wedding day! (you wouldn’t risk ordering your wedding dinner ingredients to turn up 30 minutes before guests turn up so don’t order the ice in this way. Please bare in mind a wedding is the most important event in the world to those at the event, however someone driving a caravan down the M5 & flipping it across the motorway causing 2 hour delays isn’t bothered by your event & during the summer, there is literally millions of them flipping everywhere! All over the South West like lemmings. No wedding venue should be without suitable ice storage. If your having a wedding & the venue doesn’t have ice storage freezers tell them to go & buy some. It’ll be a good investment for their business.

Enjoy stress free cooling….. get yourselves one or two giant chest freezers & always have ice available delivered before the weekend. Sooo Simple! XXXxxx

**DELIVERY TIME-SLOTS: During the peak summer we are extremely busy with deliveries on weekends to festivals, weddings, events. Due to us catering for almost all major events in the South West & South Wales small delays can be possible. Our drivers can only drive as fast as traffic allows. Don’t book ice to come in minutes before your event starts, make sure you allow plenty of time incase of any delays. We have no control over the traffic, our drivers cannot speed, they also cannot use a mobile phone while driving to ring 50 customers to give minute by minute updates on progress & we will absolutely not pester our drivers constantly on mobile phones to pressure them while driving.

**IMPORTANT UNLOADING ICE AT VENUES: Please be aware our service is selling ice & delivering it to your location. At the venue you must ensure people are onsite to take in the delivery. Our drivers are not responsible for moving your chips & peas around in your freezer to squeeze in bags of ice. They are not responsible for moving ice around your site for a few bags here, a few bags there, fill up the wine coolers etc. For festival deliveries & weddings this is also applicable for loading in to walk-in freezers, fridges & HGV’s trucks. Your event staff must be able to take the delivery in from the driver & load how you would like in your chosen storage area. You wouldn’t expect your Tesco delivery person to load up your fridge then cook you dinner so please make sure staff are available to take the delivery from the driver.

**UPDATE ‘SP’ POSTCODES:¬†Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer deliveries in the ‘SP’ ¬†postcode area. Please see our delivery page for more details.


  • All our plastic bags used for Jam Inns Ice are 100% recyclable.
  • Our ice machines at Jam Inns Factory use the latest Hydro Carbon technology to reduce water waste & use less energy in the production of ice.
  • We are a local supplier only in the South West & Wales so our carbon footprint is low from the point of production to the delivery of the end product.

To sum this up we’ve considered carefully the use of the best plastic possible for the ability to recycle. We’ve invested in machinery that will reduce water waste & energy waste & as a company covering a relatively small area we have a low carbon footprint.

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Jam Inns Ice Delivery delivers within a 50 mile radius of Bristol our main areas of business are Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Newport, Frome, Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Chew Valley, Gloucester, Chew Magna, Cheddar, Weston Super Mare, Glastonbury, Tetbury, badminton

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality ice

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