Jam Inns Ice Delivery hours vary from Summer to Winter please check our homepage for current hours & click order online to see available slots left for your date.

We always recommend you order ice in advance of an order day as on the day orders are very rarely available. You can always check this on our live booking system if a slot is available on our site then we can do it but most Saturdays are booked up by the early part of that week.

We deliver your ice in 10kg bags which are roughly pillow case size for crushed & cubed ice. For our bespoke products; block ice, 2″ inch ice cubes, custom size ice this is all cut & made specially to order for each client. Due to the nature of the bespoke ice generally being for high end hotels & cocktail bars the bespoke ice products are generally delivered to clients Tuesday – Friday.

We deliver ice in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Newport, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Frome, Somerset, Weston Super Mare we will arrange your ice delivery with a 1 hour delivery time window.

All orders for bagged ice cubed & crushed up to 500kg is processed online through our simple to use ordering system 24/7. For large ice orders only above 500kg & for our bespoke cut ice please email us info@jam-inns.co.uk

Please note we don’t send out quotes for standard 10kg bagged ice deliveries as you can instantly price up the delivery on our website & if you are happy place the order & pay online.

How Long Will My Ice Last?

This is a good question & when planning a delivery time it’s something very important to think about. The answer is not 100% simple as it will depend on a number of external factors, what the ice is being put in to, how hot is the ‘external temperature’ & how much ice you have, the more you have packed together the slower the melt rate so if you have a large order of ice e.g 100 – 200kg if kept together even on a hot day it will actually last for some time. In the winter months when temperatures are lower outside ice can often last a few days in large quantities without to much melting. You will need to think about where your storing the ice on the day, if your running an outdoor event & keeping the ice in a marquee in the kitchen area on a hot summers day the melt rate could be significant so try to find a suitable area for your ice storage. If you have spare freezer space even better & the bags can simply be transferred in to your freezer space on delivery.

Ice Delivery Charges

We charge a small delivery fee up to 50 miles radius of Bristol for your ice delivery. Get a quote & order online now!

Our Factory up to 11 miles = Minimum 4 x 10kg bags

Our Factory 12 – 20 miles = Minimum 5 x 10kg bags

Our Factory 21 – 30 miles = Minimum 8 x 10kg bags

Our Factory 31 – 50 miles = Minimum 10 x 10kg bags

Exclusion Zone ‘SP Postcodes’

Our online booking system is set to be able to cover 50 miles from our factory in Bristol. This allows us to cover a number of major cities across the west country & South Wales.

Unfortunately to the South East of our zone is the SP Postcode area… the area we don’t go. This is our restricted area, our no fly zone, the location no delivery driver can reach.

Sadly this is the only area where no fast road access is possible from Bristol, so will take our vehicles off the road for half a day at least per delivery.

We absolutely definitely do love all our customers, but we don’t love the ones in the SP postcode area.

We are sorry, please don’t be angry at us. If we do get orders in for the SP postcode range we promise to respond to you within 48hrs of placing the order & we will cancel & fully refund your order for you. The only exception for the SP postcode area is a delivery of 500kg or above. Unfortunately anything below we cannot help with.

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