We sell ice in 10kg bags of crushed & cubed ice (these are roughly pillowcase size)

10kg Bags of crushed ice:

Our 10kg bags of Crushed ice are pillow case size & are ideal for cocktails like Mojitos. We also sell crushed ice to fishmongers & supermarkets for fish displays. Unlike the cubed ice, crushed ice doesn’t freeze well in a domestic freezer so you will want to order what you need for the day of your event. If it is frozen in a domestic freezer it can freeze together & be very difficult to work with.

10kg Bags of cubed ice:

Our 10kg bags of Cubed ice is perfect for long drinks, cocktails, cider & cooling. We supply our cubed ice for a large variety of uses, some more surprising ones, cooling of industrial ventilation & air-conditioning units, aircraft maintenance, ice baths, people that want to throw a bucket of ice over there head & put it on social media…. there’s more uses for ice than you may realise!

Who can buy from Jam Inns Ice Delivery?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small private party requiring a minimum of 4 x 10kg bags of ice or a large event requiring a number of tonnes of ice per day you can trust Jam Inns Ice Delivery to deliver your ice for your event.

We are the largest ice delivery company in the South West of the UK & from our base in Bristol supply ice to a multitude of business customers daily across the South West.

Booking now for summer festivals 2017. Don’t forget to pre-order your ice for summer parties & weddings. We can help you plan your ice requirements for the summer period.

How much ice will I need?

It’s always a question we get asked & it’s actually quite difficult to get spot on as it all depends on what you’re customers are drinking & how much they drink but in general if it’s just for serving in drinks we recommend approx 1kg of ice per person & if it’s for cooling & serving we suggest around 1.5kg per guest attending your party.

How much ice can you supply?

We have a capacity of 10 tonnes per day maximum output so although we have a large capacity to produce large volumes of ice in busy periods we always get booked out especially during the summer months so it’s always best to pre-plan your ice order in advance & contact us in plenty of time.

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