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Ordering Ice For A Wedding;

There are so many factors in how much ice you will need for a wedding its one of those things your going to have to except you genuinely won’t get exactly right to the kilogram. Even the most experienced mobile bar operators will work on a guesstimate for large events like weddings for 100 – 200 people.

Ice is a very cheap product to buy & the general gauge for parties & weddings is 1kg per person for drinks & 1.5kg if your looking for drinks & cooling. This can change quite a lot depending on a number of factors including the drinks the guests are having & if the guests are drinking any cocktails which are ‘ice heavy’.

Some things you get when your ordering for a wedding you really need to nail down the price per guest for example you want to know how many steak dinners your paying for that day. You want to know roughly how many bottles of champagne for the toast. But with the ice, this is something you just don’t want to run out of. The difference in a large wedding from under ordering to over ordering & having some wastage is possibly only a very small amount of money in the scheme of the wedding budget you could be talking pence per guest.

We suggest the guidelines of the 1kg for drinks & 1.5kg for drinks & cooling is a pretty good gauge. The way to look at it for ice is your talking pence per guest as opposed to pounds. Would you want your best friend having a warm iceless mojito, warm white white or a warm vodka & coke at your wedding? you’ve spent thousands on making the perfect day. Use our guideline as a very good guide to satisfy most weddings for a rough guide on ice consumption. If your in anyway worried if you’ll run out. An extra bag or two is peace of mind, it’s one thing less to worry about & unlike most other items you buy for a wedding it’s really not a big expense.

When To Order: 

Do NOT underestimate the need to pre-order ice for a wedding. Wedding season in the UK really booms from April – End September. Almost all weddings will want there ice late morning. Do NOT expect to order 200kg of ice on the day of your wedding or even that week if your right in the middle of summer. In the South West when the sun is out so is everyone else. Glastonbury Festival, Food Festivals, Bars, Restaurants etc ice in the summer is more precious than gold & every wedding in the South West all wants ice at the same time. Don’t be the wedding that forgot to order the ice!

Who We Cater For:

Everyone! we sell to Dorothy having a tea party in Bristol in her back garden (40kg minimum order) to Glastonbury Festival, The Rugby World Cup & everything in-between. BUT you must pre-order to guarantee stocks. Our factory warehouse is in Bristol & we produce ice to order.

How To Order:

The easiest part of it all…. click order online on any page & place your order online in under 60 seconds.

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