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Over the past few years increasingly there has been more widespread knowledge available for the general public (which includes all of us here at Jam Inns Ice) to be more conscious about decisions we make when consuming, purchasing & using more products & services with Green credentials.

We’ve been working for a number of years to improve our companies credentials & steer in the best achievable direction for our industry to try to do our bit & minimise our negative impact on the planet.

Things we’ve done;

  • 2015 – We made major changes to the Jam Inns Ice Factory in Bristol & updated our machinery to the latest hydro carbon machines which replace older style CFC based refrigerants. These new machines use less water minimising water waste & use significantly less energy consumption to produce the ice.
  • Since the dawn of time.. well… since we started selling ice, all our ice bags have always & will remain 100% recyclable.
  • We cover 50 miles from Bristol a relatively small area covering the South West & South Wales. As such our carbon footprint is low for our industry from the production of our ice in the Jam Inns Ice factory in Bristol to the delivery for the client.

We are constantly diversifying our business & we strive to continue to make changes that will reduce our impact on the environment. A focus for us over the past few years has been, reduce water consumption, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint, always provide products in 100% recyclable bags.


Ordering is really simple, just go to our website & press ‘order online’ on any page. Remember we take advanced orders only & weekends book up really quickly.


Keeping it coool!

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