Jam Inns Ice Delivery Ice Baths for Rugby World Cup 2015

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Jam Inns Ice Delivery Ice Baths for Rugby World Cup 2015


As the temperature heats up in the 2015 Rugby World Cup Jam Inns Ice Delivery has been keeping it cool. During September & October we’ve been supplying hotels, basecamps, training grounds & stadiums in the South West of England, West of England & Wales for ice for the teams to use for ice baths & recovery.

Ice Baths are an essential part of the recovery process for many athletes in a variety of sports. We’ve supplied a number of athletics teams & football teams with ice used for ice baths however due to the high impact nature of Rugby, Ice Baths for Rugby players are an essential part of keeping the players in peak condition.

Ice Baths are nothing new, people have been using Ice Baths as a form of recovery & well being since the late 1800s. Below is a list of benefits that Ice Baths can give;

* Prevents injury
* Helps quicker recovery
* Repairs muscles
* Reduces muscle soreness
* Reduces muscle stiffness

We must point out before considering using ice Baths yourself in any training programme, proper medical advice should be sort for anyone taking the plunge. All the players in the Rugby World Cup have onsite medical staff on hand who know the exact requirements & needs of the players prior to & during the Ice Bath sessions.

Written By;
James Maloney Director of the Jam Inns Group

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