Jam Inns Ice Delivery At Glastonbury Festival 2015

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Jam Inns Ice Delivery At Glastonbury Festival 2015


There really isn’t many large festivals & events that Jam Inns Ice Delivery isn’t part of in the South West of England. One of the largest of those annual events is Glastonbury Festival.

Jam Inns Ice Delivery have been an ice supplier for a number of the VIP sites for crushed & cubed ice during the festival for a number of years now. We keep the VIP sites cool in the peak of summer.

Now we all know Glastonbury Festival isn’t always sunshine & a lot of people see us driving through the muddy fields in the rain wondering who needs ice now. It might be raining on some days but it’s often still 20c on a rainy summer day so if it’s 30c with sunshine or 20c with rain, no-one wants a warm Gin & Tonic or a tepid Mojito.

We’re part of the team that almost no-one sees at the Festivals. Our drivers are down onsite during the early hours of the morning each day while the festival goers sleep off the night before. Being part of the supply chain to an event on this scale is really something quite amazing to be part of.

Our team is down onsite at Glastonbury each year watching the staging going up & one of the most incredible sights is the transformation of the festival site on day 1 from fields of green to a mini city of tents.

The atmosphere is incredible & all the event teams onsite involve a lot of volunteer workers, working day & night to make the event a success each year. Living in the West Country & having a business that supplies one of the largest & most respected festivals in the world makes me incredibly proud to be a part of it.

If your lucky enough to have a ticket to Glastonbury Festival in 2016 & if your still awake at around 7am in the morning, find one of our vans, get a picture with one of our team onsite & we’ve got FREE ICE…YES…FREE ICE on the van for the best icedriver selfies with party goers for Glastonbury 2016!

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James Maloney Director of the Jam Inns Group

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