Jam Inns Ice Green Statement 2018

Over the past few years increasingly there has been more widespread knowledge available for the general public (which includes all of us here at Jam Inns Ice) to be more conscious about decisions we make when consuming, purchasing & using more products & services with ...
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How To Order Ice For Large Christmas Events 500+ Guests

JAM INNS ICE DELIVERY FOR LARGE CHRISTMAS PARTIES & EVENTS: If your planning a Christmas Party event & need ice, now is the time to be thinking about organising it. Typically December is one of the busiest months of the year for ice for bars, ...
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WARNING: Heatwave coming to Britain Keep Your Cool With Jam Inns Ice

Warnings have come in from the Met Office that Britain is about to be hit with a tantastic heatwave from the end of May to the end of July. Temperatures are predicted to hit 33c commonly throughout this period in parts of the UK & ...
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How Much Ice To Order For A Wedding

Ordering Ice For A Wedding; There are so many factors in how much ice you will need for a wedding its one of those things your going to have to except you genuinely won't get exactly right to the kilogram. Even the most experienced mobile ...
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Brad Pitt Drinking Jam Inns Ice at Guy Ritchie's Wedding 2015

Brad Pitt Drinking Jam Inns Ice Sat Next To David Beckham At Guy Ritchie Wedding.. Yeah That’s Cool!

Jam Inns Ice supply a lot of weddings with ice. Every weekend we've got a large number of wedding parties booked in for ice supply, sometimes from the private individuals for small weddings & often by the event organisers & bar operators at the larger ...
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